Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

If you’ve already taken the initiative to go solar, not only save money but to have a direct impact on your carbon footprint, we now want to help you capitalize even further on your investment!

In Virginia and Maryland, you now have the opportunity to monetize the environmental benefits generated by your solar system, also known as Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). In partnership, Sigora and Carbon Solutions Group (CSG) worked together with the Virginia General Assembly to establish a Renewable Portfolio standard (RPS). The RPS creates a marketplace to buy and sell SRECs.

What does that mean to you? Simply, it means you have the opportunity to sell your SRECs for cash! Sigora has made this opportunity to obtain cash for your SRECs incredibly easy by partnering with CSG, a company that specializes in buying and selling SRECs across the country.

Carbon Solutions Group is ready to walk you through the simple SREC registration process and will contact you after your system is installed to get you making extra money!

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