Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it taking so long to get Permission to Operate (PTO)?

There are a lot of moving parts in a solar installation and when they are all working together it will allow for a smooth and swift process. However, if something is held up with an entity (such as the utility company, HOA, city/county, or an inspector) it will likely cause a delay in your project. Since we are working alongside other parties, Sigora often does not have control over the timelines of these entities and as a result, some customers may take longer to obtain PTO. Sigora is dedicated to our customers and will make every effort to ensure that all our customers are kept moving forward. Our promise is to give our very best to every customer, at every opportunity.

I still have space on my roof, how come you didn’t put more panels there?

When designing your system there are several factors to consider, one of which is viable/usable roof space. This means that even when a customer has roof space, often we are not able to utilize all that space. This can be due to safety purposes, local and state regulations, fire setbacks and other contributing factors. In addition, you also want to avoid North-facing planes due to the lack of direct sunlight.

Can I go off grid with solar panels?

When you install solar panels on your property, you will still be connected to the grid. This allows you to pull energy directly from the grid when your system is not producing all of the power that you may be consuming, and in turn, it will allow you to send any extra energy you don’t use back to the grid. You may also consider purchasing a storage battery if you would like to store extra energy rather than to send it back to the Grid. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to contact our Sales Team at (434) 465-6192.


Can I monitor my consumption from my app?

As most apps/inverter have the capability to monitor consumption, however this is not a standard in most solar installations as it would require some extra hardware. If you are interested in having consumption monitoring added to your solar system, please reach out to our Customer Relations Team. (Please note this service is at an additional cost and is subject to compatibility; pricing is subject to vary)

What happens if my system produces more energy than what I use?

When your solar system produces more energy than what you consume, any excess energy would then be sent back to the Grid. This may reflect as “credit” or an “NEM Credit” on your utility bill. For specific information and details regarding credits on your utility bill, be sure to contact your utility company.

What if I do not want consumption monitoring, is there another way I can determine how much energy I am consuming?

To best determine your total consumption, you will need to: Add your System Production + Usage (from utility company) then subtract any credits = Your total consumption. (for accuracy, it is best to use the same time period you are reviewing)

o Example: System produced 500 kWh for the month of February, you were billed 300 kWh for that same month, but were also credited 50kWh from your utility company = 750 kWh (total usage/consumption). 500 kWh + 300 kWh – 50 kWh = 750 total consumption.

The reason you are adding this is because as you produce the energy (from your solar system), you are using the energy. If you use more than what you produce, then you will be charged for any extra energy you use from your utility company. If you produce more then you use, then you will see credit applied to your account.

We recommend for our customers to always check with their local utility company as many now offer some level of visibility on your energy consumption.

Am I able to add more panels in the future to my solar system?

Yes, however, it will be treated as a new project. This would mean a second contract as well as, new permits and applications to your utility company, additionally. It is also likely that another inverter may be needed as your first system was designed to match an appropriately sized inverter. We must also consider if you have enough, usable roof space/ground space for the extra installation.

How does the Performance Guarantee work?

This guarantees a customer that they will receive a certain amount of energy within the first-year dependent upon the terms in their contract. For this we will conduct a review of their system’s performance for the first year. This can be requested by a customer after the system has been on and activated for 12 full calendar months. This is to ensure that the system generates the expected production (as noted in the contract). This also allows the system to go through all 4 seasons and generate the expected production. Should the system generate less than what was guaranteed in the contract, then we will reimburse for double the difference (please refer to your contract for the full terms and conditions).

Do my solar panels produce power when they are covered in snow, when it’s raining, or when it is cloudy?

The amount of power your solar energy system can generate is dependent on direct sunlight. As a result, your solar panels will produce much less energy when the weather is cloudy, and no energy if they are covered in snow or if there is no sunlight on them.


Yikes! I have squirrels and critters nesting under my panels. What do I do?

Contact our Customer Relations Team either by phone or email and we can have our Operations Team check if pest abatement is recommended (please note that this can be installed, at an additional cost. Pricing may vary).

I can’t see my production, does this mean my solar system is not working?

When your monitoring stops working, it does not always mean that your system has stopped working. If you ever see that your monitoring is not reading and the conditions are ideal (no snow, clear skies, etc.), feel free to contact us at One of our experts, will then connect you to one of our technicians so you can do some troubleshooting to determine if it is a monitoring issue or if your solar system is not performing as it should.

Do my panels need maintenance?

Solar systems typically require very little maintenance; they are incredibly durable and easily accessible for service and repair. However, if you would like to maximize the conditions for your panels, then homeowners can rinse the panels off with a hose if it can be done safely or from the ground level.

What happens if my system stops working?

If your system stops working, please contact us at or by calling (434) 465-6192.

Why is my system producing much less during the winter months?

Your system’s production will decrease during the winter months as the days will be shorter and the weather is not as favorable. Once you start getting into the spring, you will notice that the production will begin to increase and the system will reach its highest production during the summer months (as the days are longer and weather is much more favorable for solar). Due to the system’s production fluctuating depending on the time of the year, it is normal for customers to still see usage charges on their electric bill for some months or see credits on their electric bill for other months. This all depends on whether you are producing more energy or consuming more energy.

If the power goes out in my area, will my system continue to work?

Your solar system is set up to automatically shut off in case of a power outage as a safety feature. This feature is put into place as a precaution in case there is maintenance or repairs being done on the Grid. This will serve as a preventative measure to avoid having a solar system send power back into the Grid at the same time. If this were to ever happen it would cause a potentially dangerous situation. If you are interested or would like to have power on your home for these kinds of situations, we highly recommend that our customers consider purchasing a battery.

For more information visit our website at:


Why am I still getting a bill from my electric company?

Your solar system is grid-tied; therefore, you will still receive a utility bill for services and fees from your utility company. In addition, if your energy consumption is more than what your system is producing, it would then pull energy from the grid to supplement your energy needs.

I have had solar for a year now, and I just got a large bill from my utility company?

Many utility companies will move customers into an annual billing cycle when they go solar. This means that you may have one bill that is made up of 12 months post-PTO (permission to operate). It is very important that you regularly check your balance with your utility company to determine your upcoming bill amount.

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