Solarize GE

GE Solar Bulk Purchase Program

Sigora Solar is helping the employees of the GE go solar! Through the power of your team, we can achieve a cleaner and more affordable energy future.

Open to ALL GE employees (and friends)! Like the popular Solarize programs, we make use of economies of scale through a bulk purchase of solar equipment.

Sample Solarize DIA Cost Breakdown

Market Rate$3.60
Solarize DIA Rate per Watt$3.00
Total Cost Before Federal Tax Credit$15,500
Total Cost After Tax Credit$10,850
Monthly Loan Payment (Financing cost after tax credit over 20 yrs.)($58.91)
Estimated Monthly Savings (Electricity + SRECs)$75.83
Estimated Net Monthly Savings$16.92/td>
* This chart assumes an average electricity rate of $0.115/kWh, an SREC value of $45, and a 30-year loan at 4.25% APR.
The analysis represents estimates and actual results may very.

How Solar Works

The Process


Sign up for a free Solar Site Assessment today! These assessments first include a remote satellite assessment followed by an on-site assessment and consultation with one of Sigora Solar’s expert Solar Analysts. During this assessment, you will learn about your home’s potential for solar and everything involved in the process. Following the site assessments, you will receive a customized solar proposal tailored to your roof, budget, and energy needs.


Take advantage of the Solarize GE discounts
Through the collective buying power of your GE team, participants will receive a 15-20% discount on solar installations. Couple this with the 30% Federal Tax Credit, solar is more affordable than ever.


Install and Start Saving
Our turn-key residential roof-top solar PV installations typically only take 1-3 days. Sigora will handle all permitting, interconnection, and incentive enrollment for participants, after which, your system will reliably produce energy for a guaranteed 25 years or more. Through “net energy metering”, your home will first use any solar energy produced and then sell excess back to the utility at market rate, kilowatt-hour for kilowatt-hour.


Spread the Word!
The benefits of Solarize GE are only as strong as the neighborhood support. The more participants, the lower the price for everyone involved. The price for Solarize GE is great and it only gets better. If you decide to go solar and also refer a friend or neighbor, which turns into a signed contract, Sigora will send you a $500 check! Spread the word, and shorten the solar system payback period.