Why go Sigora?

It's a matter of dollars and eco-sense.

First our Produce and Reduce Package.  At Sigora we take a whole home approach. We don’t just install panels on your home, but make sure that the electricity being generated is efficiently being used within your home. We do this by performing a Building Performance Institute (BPI) audit and identifying how best to reduce your energy consumption through the performance of Energy Efficiency Improvements.

Second, there’s cost.  Installing a solar system on your home has never been more affordable. Thanks to the federal solar Investment Tax Credit, you receive a 30 percent tax credit if you convert your home to solar energy. We also have strong financial partnerships that offer affordable financing that translates to $0 down and instant savings.

And then there’s our Guarantee.  Once fully installed, we guarantee that over the course of the first year, you will save more on your utility bill than what you spend on our package.

Another plus? Enhancing home resale value. Going Sigora can increase the resale value of your home. According to The Appraisal Journal, every dollar you save on energy adds twenty dollars to the value of your property. Need more proof? The U.S. Department of Energy found that houses with solar integration sell twice as fast as houses without.

Eco-sense is good sense.  The sun serves as a bountiful resource for generating clean, sustainable energy, so as you reduce your energy bill with solar power, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. Smart? Very. And responsible.


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We'd love to talk with you about converting to solar power, so give us a call.  And take a second to read reviews of our work and testimonials from our customers.  Their success stories offer sound proof that Sigora Solar makes residential installation simple and convenient.

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Success Story

The Long Residence

ROI: Our power usage was substantially lower in July 2015, the first whole month we’d operated our solar system, but I wasn’t exactly sure how much lower because I hadn’t yet connected to a website that allows me to track my power usage with an app on my phone. By August, I was connected, and I got quantifiable proof that we saving money – in fact, $135 over last year’s bill! And the savings are just beginning.

Story: Sigora conducted a financial analysis to determine how long it would take me to recover the cost of the system with savings on my electric bill. When I read that analysis and realized I’d break even in about 9 years with the Federal investment tax credit, we were ready to move forward!

Success Story

Christina and Dave

ROI: Savings?  Financial benefit?  Convenience of not losing power?

Story: For some power-conscious consumers, converting to solar involves the challenge of covering the initial investment.  As Christina and Dave discovered, there are ways to overcome that.  They took advantage of a special 0% APR solar loan from the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) to finance their 6.36 kWp photovoltaic solar energy system in Charlottesville.  Sigora built their system with 100 percent American made panels and brand new secure power source inverters, which allow them to use up to 1500 watts of solar power when the grid is down.