Convert to solar?

It’s a business decision that comes down to ROI and IQ.

It’s simple, really.  What’s true for your business is true for solar energy.  A healthy return begins with a smart investment.  Converting to solar power is just that – a savvy decision that can help you reduce your energy bill by generating as much or as little power as you need.

Money talks.  The average payback period for a commercial solar system runs from five to nine years.  After recovering the cost of purchase, your business should experience a twelve to thirteen percent return on investment over the lifetime of its solar energy system.  That’s the kind of return that gets Warren Buffett’s attention.  Your initial investment is made all the more generous thanks to a 30 percent federal solar Investment Tax Credit.

Your IQ is your EQ.  Going solar enables you to build your reputation as a sustainable, green business, and that kind of intelligent decision-making wins recognition from your customers, community, and industry partners.  It also tells people that you have a high EQ – environmental quotient – and that your business and brand are socially conscious.  Smart businesses are.


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Solar systems come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of your business, and together we can configure a system that generates the power you need while cutting your costs.  Our customers will tell you the same thing, so check out their success stories and testimonials.  And then, let’s connect – ASAP.  Sigora is ready to help your business leverage solar energy as a way to boost ROI.

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Success Story

Chesapeake, VA

Sigora Solar has completed their first Megawatt project atop Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, Va. This Dominion Virginia Power owned project consists of 3,234 Canadian Solar 310w modules. Through a long-standing relationship with Standard Solar, Sigora Solar was contracted to do the installation for this project. So what does this mean? This is the largest rooftop array installation in the state of Virginia! To put this single project into perspective, an average residential install is around 7 kilowatts; there are 1,000 kilowatts in a megawatt. The electricity generated by this project is equivalent to generating power for approximately 250 residential homes!

Success Story

CFA Institute: An Investment in Solar, an Investment in Community

ROI: Using solar energy to power our headquarters building was one of many ways we incorporated major green initiatives into our adaptive reuse of the former Martha Jefferson Hospital location in Charlottesville, Virginia. With 300 solar panels installed on the roof by Sigora Solar, more than 400 employees of the CFA Institute work in a building that operates on 22 percent less energy than an office of a similar size. Our 65kW system saves us $10,000 annually.

Story: Sustainability. That was the number one driving force behind our decision at the CFA Institute to go solar. I know that surprises a lot of people. They figure that because we’re a bunch of financial types and that our mission is to develop investment professionals, all our decisions are based on money and ROI. While that’s often true, we’re also a group that feels a strong sense of responsibility to the communities we serve. From the CEO and board level on down, sustainability is a corporate value.

Sigora Solar was a responsive partner in our effort right from the beginning. Knowing I was a financial type, they ran numbers at our first meeting to illustrate how the ROI would play out. Then they came over and laid out the grid for the solar panel, showing us exactly what we needed to meet our demand. And knowing that the Dominion program was about to end, they proactively filed the necessary paperwork to reserve our spot as a beneficiary of the plan.

Read more of our CFA Institute success story on our blog.




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Success Story

Bison Printing in Bedford, Virginia

ROI: Bison Printing saves about $6,000 annually with a Sigora photovoltaic system.

Story: In November of 2011, Bison Printing in Bedford, VA became the first commercial printer in Virginia to fulfill its energy needs through a major photovoltaic system.

Bison’s grid, which covers a 50 by 100 square foot section of the roof of its plant, generates an average 5,000 kWh per month of electricity.   This 48KW system employs a total of 208 polycrystalline photo-voltaic panels. Right now the business saves $500 every month, roughly $6000 per year, in energy costs. Over the lifetime of its system, Bison projects a ten percent annual return on its investment.

Installation was quick and efficient.  Once we confirmed that the roof would hold the panels, we installed Bison’s 48kW system in sixteen hours.  That’s when the business began to save money on its power bill.

For more information on Bison’s success, read the story in The Bedford Bulletin.




Panels Installed


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