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Sigora Installs 3,234 Modules: Virginia’s Largest Rooftop Solar Array!


Sigora Solar, named the 8th- fastest growing energy company in the United States, recently collaborated on a 1 megawatt PV installation, which as of April ‘16 is the largest rooftop solar array in the state of Virginia. No doubt this is a sizable step forward in Sigora Solar’s quest to provide the world with access to clean, reliable energy at a fair price, but what does this mean? To put this single project in perspective, an average residential install is around 7 kilowatts; there are 1,000 kilowatts in a megawatt. The electricity generated by this project is equivalent to powering around 250 residential homes.

This 1 megawatt project is part of a much larger multi-year pilot program designed to expand Dominion’s understanding of community-based solar energy. Dominion’s Solar Partnership Program will construct and operate up to 30 megawatts of company-owned solar facilities and study their benefits, along with encouraging solar energy growth throughout the state of Virginia. The Solar Partnership Program is part of a larger initiative to develop multiple utility-scale projects totalling 400 megawatts in Virginia, expected to be fully operational by 2020. Together, these solar installations will support hundreds of local jobs and anticipate being capable of generating enough electricity to power over 100,000 homes!

IMG_9806Through a long-standing relationship with Standard Solar, Sigora Solar was contracted to do the installation for the 1 megawatt. The location of Virginia’s largest rooftop solar array? A leased rooftop in Chesapeake,VA at Western Branch high school. The project consisted of 3234, 310 Watt Canadian Solar Modules and two 500 kW SMA inverters. Installing on a high school meant making the students productivity and safety a top priority and there were many expected obstacles. Standard Solar knew that Sigora was a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team who could be trusted to expertly complete the job.

Scheduling, and staying on schedule, was one of the largest hurdles. Taking place at a high school, the project was subject to school testing schedules and student arrivals and dismissals. This meant Sigora’s project managers not only had to map out what part of the roof they could silently work on during specific days of the week, but also managing when deliveries could take place as to not interfere with the bus schedules. Through all of these hurdles, over the 11 weeks of install, our dedicated team worked through 23 rain days and two holidays to stay on schedule!

A project of this scope also meant that there were several components that were being completed by third-parties. The racking system, chosen by the client, meant roof upgrades for the school. Navigating through schedules of multiple vendors meant many possibilities for down time but with a project this large, there were always aspects of the job that could be completed to make the most of the time.

Not only did this project further our mission to provide clean and reliable energy at a fair price, but our already skilled installers and project managers were able to hone their skills even further. Our highly skilled operations team, including many NABCEP Certified PV Installers and Solar Ready Vets, built on their experience and passion, distinguishing themselves from our competition. A massive project like has to be 100% on-point and perfect. Once you’ve gained the experience of installing a megawatt project, you can be assured that any project, residential or commercial, will be completed beautifully and professionally.