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March 9, 2016
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April 22, 2016
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Squirrels going solar?

Squirrel sitting on the roof

Photo Apr 14, 7 45 21 AMcritterguardpic3Your PV system is reaping the rewards of solar power for sometime now and you are enjoying lower energy bills, sometimes not paying anything at all. You are feeling completely enamored with your system…. and so may the squirrels.

For the most part, solar panels can safely be ignored and magically keep turning your meter backwards. But thanks to some persistent squirrels, you may find yourself having to replace your panels. If a squirrel makes a nest underneath the panels, it could cause all sorts of problems. They may bite through the wiring underneath the panels and cause a short, or simply disconnect the entire operation.

This is what one of our recent clients experienced. Some local squirrels chewed through the wiring causing them to replace 5 panels at $2500. Additional insurance was taken this time and they invested in a critter guard for only $500 to prevent future damage.

It only takes a matter of days for the critters to shut down your system. Talk to us about installing a critter guard on your system today and keep birds and other pesky critters from making their home under the array.

Critter Guard Details:
The clips attach to the bottom flange of the module frame and have hooks to snap the screen into place. The clips are painted steel and can be snapped to the appropriate length to accommodate height variations. The mesh screen is vinyl-coated steel, rigid enough to keep out even the most industrious squirrel. The box frame adapter allows for mounting on module frames that lack a flange to mount to (1 per clip).

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