Developing Solar and Wind-based Power Microgrids in Haiti
August 27, 2015
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Sigora Turns Up the Power (WMRA)
October 19, 2015
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A SIGORA Super Power?


You tell me. Within two months of installing their SIGORA Solar array, the Long family are now super heros and tracking quantifiable savings over their previous year’s bills.

With the Federal Investment Tax Credit combined with utility savings and (super hero trait #1:) “strong” resale value, they’ll break even in nine years. Nine years is going to pass us all by regardless—and super hero’s don’t stand still. You don’t want to rely on the utility company to dictate your energy bills any more than you must. And I’m not saying utility companies are the villains—not at all—but getting your family off of life-support and turned on to SIGORA’s sustainable energy source should be priority #one for all of us.

Despite a common misperception, you do have to connect with Virginia Power and its system, plus comply with different regulations when it comes to selling the tax credits in different states. Work with SIGORA. They’ll handle everything along the way, and their (super hero traits #2-3:) “intelligent and enlightened” guidance is extremely valuable. They will determine the best place for the panels, calculate how much capacity is needed to generate a certain level of (super hero trait #4:) “steady” cost savings, help with the conversion process and walk you through the project step by step.

So, yes, the Long family is well on their way to becoming a self-sustained super power. And right now, feeling like a hero is worth it’s weight …in sunshine.


Turn it on.